Flat pack house

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Petersham Road sits in the foreground of the remarkable view from Richmond Hill westwards that Turner depicted at the start of the 19th century. When the client purchased the site itself, it contained an unremarkable bungalow that sat next to the listed Cecil House dating from the 17th century.

Our client wished to erect a prefabricated house and had originally commissioned a Scandinavian specialist.  However they were unable to obtain planning permission so we took over.


Sensitivity to Cecil House was required though we felt that a 'quiet' contemporary design could achieve that end.  We also felt that the most beautiful aspect of the site was a mature magnolia tree at its centre so the design evolved from this starting point.


Our new design wraps around the magnolia and the glass walls allow multiple views of its pale pink blossom.  Our design also uses the components and modularity that allowed it to be constructed from the Huf Haus prefabricated system in line with the client's original brief.